Psalm 24:1:  “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it”

The Bible makes it clear that God loves justice, and it therefore follows that Christians, who want to be like Him, will do the same.  


Justice is about living in right relationship with God, one another, and the natural creation.  Time and time again God shows His love and compassion for the weak, the vulnerable and the marginalised.  So we do the same. Read on to find out more…  

Eco Tips

Each month Red Letter Discipleship Group will be sharing ideas of things you can do to shrink your carbon footprint and combat climate change. They will range from easy and cheap challenges to really life-changing ones.

We hope you’re up for the challenge, but please do what you can as it all helps. If there’s anything you’d like to know more about, or a topic you’d like us to cover in future, do let us know.

Liz Francis on behalf of RLDG

This Month's Eco Tip: Unwanted Items

Happy New Year everyone!  Hopefully you all received much-loved and useful presents for Christmas, but just in case you didn’t, or your New Year’s resolution is to create less waste, here are a few ideas for what you could do with…

Unwanted items:

  1. Mend broken items instead of buying new ones

  2. Pass on clothes, toys etc your children have outgrown to other families. If you have any children’s clothing premature – 2 years, especially 6 months+ boys’, you could give them to With a Little Love (contact Holly Matthews)

  3. Take them to a charity shop, share in a Facebook group or the Olio app

  4. Cancel delivery of unwanted mail/catalogues

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Sustainable Development Goals

The World Evangelical Alliance has written reflections on the Sustainable Development Goals from a Christian perspective.


Have a read here

You can order a more detailed booklet on the same topic here

The World Evangelical Alliance has written reflections on the Sustainable Development Goals from a Christian perspective.


Have a read here

You can order a more detailed booklet on the same topic here

COP 26 Feedback

Nearly 200 countries agreed to the Glasgow Climate Pact, the first COP agreement to explicitly reference fossil fuels

The Paris Rulebook, the guidelines for how the Paris Agreement is delivered, was also completed.


Varying numbers of countries agreed to…

  • revisit and strengthen their current emissions targets to 2030, in 2022

  • reach net-zero emissions

  • end the mining of coal

  • end overseas public finance for coal, oil and gas by the end of 2022

  • significantly reduce the cost of renewable energy by 2030 and encourage its use worldwide

  • make all new car sales zero emission by 2040 and by 2035 in leading markets

  • rich countries to ‘at least double’ funds for adaptation to the climate crisis


Other notable points included:

  • India promised to draw half of its energy requirement from renewable sources by 2030

  • Scotland made the first financial pledge for countries suffering loss and damage due to the climate crisis

  • Boris Johnson pledged to put an extra £1bn into a climate crisis fund for poor nations if the UK economy bounces back from Covid

  • The USA and China unveiled a plan to work together on cutting emissions


At the end of COP26 President Alok Sharma said:

‘We can now say with credibility that we have kept 1.5 degrees alive. But, its pulse is weak and it will only survive if we keep our promises and translate commitments into rapid action.’


I want to finish with the words of Kuki Rokhum from The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief:

‘We want justice for the poorest of the poor living in different parts of the world who live lightly and yet pay heavily. The time to act was yesterday, but God has still given us today.’


Please keep praying and keep up the pressure on our leaders for change ahead of COP27 next year in Egypt!