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Ways to serve

At Cornerstone we want to get better at helping people serve God through the week but also on Sunday too. We believe God has given the church people with all of the spiritual gifts and talents to make church work strongly. Do speak to Paddy or the Leadership if you want to serve and check out the roles below we need now.

Hover over them to find out more info.

Administrator/Comms Lead

We need someone who will confidently and proactively seek out upcoming events, key news and prayer items and who will then clearly and creatively communicate them to the church using mailchimp for email, Facebook and other media. Can you help our community and church family better engage? Speak to a leader.

Or would you be willing to do more than that and become our church administrator? Holding and helping the church diary, rotas and general day to day running of the church? Supporting Paddy, Helen and the Leadership team? We need you!

Speak to Paddy or Ulrike.

Mobile Phone


Do you have a heart to provide a great first impression of church to newcomers? Do you want to ensure the church family know they are cared about, missed when not present and loved when they arrive?


We need welcomers! You are key to ensuring we know who's new, that those new people know what's going on and can settle and to keep an eye out for those missing so we can pastorally care and message them.


Speak to Ulrike if you'd like to join this team.

Neon Hello

Sclub Teachers

Do you have a passion for helping young people understand faith in fun, creative and appropriate ways? Do you have experience with children especially in a teaching/leading role? Would you be willing to go out with the young people once to twice a month and prep material in the week to lead a session? We need you!


Speak to Kate Paver.

This role, due to its contact with kids is not suitable for everybody and we will need to discuss with you your experience level, understanding of safeguarding and any past issues which may prevent you working with children or vulnerable people. This will be undertaken in a confidential and sensitive manner. 

Teacher and Pupil

Sclub Activity Helpers

Children Playing

Don't feel up for leading Sclub sessions but keen to help and support that ministry? Do you like to lead fun and creative activities? Can you plan for those activities in the week.


Like to help young people do art, sport, performing arts, games or other activities? Willing to help in Sclub once a month?


Speak to Kate about becoming an Sclub Helper.

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