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What To Expect at a Cornerstone Service

Expand the different sections to find out a bit more about what our Sunday mornings look like.

Each service starts at 10.30 and ends at about 12.00.

There is limited parking available at the school so please walk or cycle if you are able.

This is the vehicular entrance from Park Street.

Vehicular entrance from Park Street

This is the pedestrian entrance from Van Diemans Road.

Pedestrian entrance from Van Diemans Road

​There are signs to show you where to enter the building.

Sign saying ‘This way!

As you enter through this door you will see toilets in front of you. There may be someone there to welcome you

Entrance door
Toilet doors

If you would like to pray before the service you can turn to your right and go into a classroom to meet with others from 10.00.

Classroom where you can go to pray before the service
Friendly welcomer

On your left you can enter the main hall

Jackson Hall from entrance

There is a table just inside the door which you can take information from. There are also fidget bags for use during the service for anyone who needs them to aid focus.

Welcome table with information and fidget bags

You can sit in any of the seats provided. There are extra comfy seats for those with limited mobility.

Empty seats, blue plastic and green extra comfy

There is no set order to the services but they can include:

  • Call to worship (simple song/doxology)

  • Songs led by a band, actions led by the A-Team

Band leading sung worship
The A-Team leading actions
  • Welcome

  • Theme illustration which can include a game, drama, craft activity or video

  • Gorilla Gallery (sharing good news)

Gorilla Gallery child dressed as a gorilla and speaking into a microphone
  • Prayers

  • Sermon (talk)

  • Discussion

  • Communion (third Sunday of the month) - gluten free bread is available & we use non-alcoholic grape juice

Communion bread and fruit juice
  • Time of worship and response

    All activities are optional and anything at the front of the hall is done by requesting volunteers.

If you need some quiet space at any time during the service, please feel free to use the lovely open site of the school

Field and trees
Benches under cover

You can also sit quietly in a nearby classroom.

There is a creche space available for pre-school-age children during the service next to the meeting hall

Creche room with toys

There is a team of volunteers (over 16s are DBS checked) who run creche but you can also stay if you would like to.


What does Sclub mean? 

It's our children's group.


Who is Sclub for? 

For children aged 5-11.


When can we go? 

Half way through the service 3 or 4 times a month.


What do we do in Sclub? 

We learn about God from the Bible in a fun and active way using games and crafts as well as teaching, sometimes through acting it out and discussing.


To help you further with what to expect here are some pictures...

1. After starting in the main hall, we will walk over together to the other hall (Vernon Hall)

Vernon Hall

2. We use named pegs to sign in at the start, don't worry we have lots of spares. 

Named Pegs

3. The leader will let you know what is happening first but there will also be a visual timetable so you know what to expect. 

Visual Timetable

4. You are likely to do games and crafts in these spaces. 

Craft Activites

5. The story time often happens on these mats.

Story on Mats

We look forward to meeting you! 


Parents, Sclub is run by a team of volunteers (over 16s are DBS checked) but you’re welcome to help your child settle when they first come.

Children can use the play equipment on site after the service

Play equipment and trees

They need to be supervised by parents.

Song words, Bible verses and other information will be shown on a screen. If you would like the words in Ukrainian, there will either be words on the screen in Ukrainian or a QR code for you to scan on your phone to take you to them

Screen with Ukrainian words and QR code

There are people available to pray with or for you after each service. They are wearing lanyards like this:

Prayer Ministry Lanyard

Refreshments are available at the end of each service from a serving hatch in the main hall

refreshments hatch and table, squash and biscuits

During refreshments people chat and the hall can get quite noisy, so feel free to take drinks outside and chat there.

People chatting and having refreshments

If you need an accessible toilet

Accessible toilet door

you can find one through these doors at the back of the hall

Doors leading to accessible toilet

or enter the hall through this door for more direct access

Entrance ramp and door

If you need help to get through the doors, please do ask anyone at church to help you.

In fact, if you have any accessibility needs, please do let us know. We have an Inclusion Group who would love to hear your thoughts on how we can help you to feel fully involved.

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